in the noisy and excitement city, there is a unique elegant and leisurely place which is far away from pollution, close to the nature and enjoy sunny, gentle and refined. this is the purple jade villas-------a rarely, with over 80% afforest area, and can offer you a completely different style and living environment. it uses the design of forest park; therefore can keep fantastic views in all seasons. within the villas, there are two artificial lakes coordinate with extensive field of vision and many kinds of fishes.several pair of sweet ducks and swans carefree shuttle in the villas is also another beautiful picture. for a green ecological environment which merger nature and human, purple jade villas probably is the only one in beijing.
purple jade villas tries the best to build a culture atmosphere. both the club and property management services ltd. frequently organize and offer a variety of recreations to rich your life in the villas. for example: we used to organize a ¡°children drawing competition¡±, ¡°family insert flowers competition¡±, ¡°masquerade¡±, ¡°red-wine tasting exhibition¡±, ¡°exchange x-mas gift party¡± and so on; and success attracted most of householders. additionally, there is a big size of ground satellite connection station in the villas, and connect with light-cable. so you can scan the programmes not only from btv stations, also from other countries all over the world. for example: english, japanese, french and italian channels etc. the villas structure is close coordinated with the comprehensive programme. it thinks about both the artistic style and rational utilization. even the bath and kitchen are elaborate designed by the professional designers. every furniture and decoration will give you the strong feeling of being in a sweet and warm family. at present, purple jade villas has completed 178 houses and apartments with 9 types. the building area is from 120m2 to 600m2. the total villas area is 25076.6 sq. m, and with 78 houses.