purple jade villas is located on the best section of beijing. it is an ecological villas zone with rarely expensive huge area of afforest. meanwhile, for purification of air, government will build 6000mu forest park to surround the village from east, west and north side. the testing by beijing environment protection & scientific research institution shows: purple jade villas has fresh air, high content of oxygen, and low density of pollution.
purple jade villas seizes land 66 hectare with more than 80% afforest area. 100m wide forest belt hold the village out of the noisy and pollution city. 60,000sq.m centre grass land and over 16,000 plants and trees surround 30,000sq.m artificial lake. a variety of precious birds and poultries take a rest in the beautiful and comfortable environment.

purple jade club and laguna resort provide diversified recreation facilities; give you varied and graceful life enjoyment. furthermore, high quality building materials and special interior design style help the villas to become the model of modern excellent life.


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